Spell to Break Them Up!


Whether you feel the threat of another lover, an affair, a past love, or other negative interferences, the Breakup Spell is very effective in breaking up that other relationship that is causing ou so much pain. BREAK THEM UP!

When your Heart and Soul tell you that you are the only one meant to be in your lover’s life, make sure that nothing will come between you.

  • This spell does not use dark energy – it actually removes dark energy!
  • Uses only White Magick and therefore offers you added protection
  • Does not conflict with any religion
  • Is often uses together with the Revenge Spell to great effect.

NOTE: With  all of our spells, once you have placed your order, you will be  directed to a page where you can provide us with the information we will  need to cast your spells.  

Cast Spell 2x (optional)

Cast Spell Twice – Add $9.95

Cast Spell 3X (optional)

Cast Spell Three Times – Add $19.95

Ultimate Upgrade: Cast Spell Every Day for a Week!

Cast Your Spell Every Single Day for an Entire Week (optional upgrade)

Add Revenge Spell for Extra Power (optional upgrade)

Add Revenge Spell for Extra Power – normally $49.95 but we will cast it for you immediately with this spell for only $24.95 since they use energies that work so well together.

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