Spell to Get a Commitment


Are you feeling unsure of where you stand?  Do you need to know that you are exclusively committed to each other?  Are you ready to make a commitment or even get married?  Why wait to see? And why keep waiting for your partner to figure out what you already know – that your relationship needs and deserves a FULL COMMITMENT?

Be advised this is a powerful spell. However, if at a later time you decide you no longer want this commitment, you won’t be trapped. You can always walk away. This spell simply helps your partner to realize what the relationship is trying to be, needs to be. If you need and deserve a commitment, this is our most powerful commitment spell and our most popular for this purpose as well. 

Order this spell if you need the reassurance of your lover’s full commitment to you – no lies, no hangups and no holding back.  Ensure your future path. Lock in the relationship and the love that you are ready for. Order this spell and get that commitment and stop having to wait and wonder.

NOTE:  With all of our spells, once you have placed your order, you will be directed to a page where you can provide us with the information we will need to cast your spells. 

Cast Spell 2x (optional)

Cast Spell Twice – Add $9.95

Cast Spell 3X (optional)

Cast Spell Three Times – Add $19.95

Ultimate Upgrade: Cast Spell Every Day for a Week!

Cast Your Spell Every Single Day for an Entire Week (optional upgrade)

Add Attraction Spell for Extra Power (optional upgrade)

Add Attraction Spell for Extra Power – Add $19.95

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