Sex and Passion Spell


Do you wish there was more chemistry between you?  Do you long to take things back to a time when you were crazy for each other?  Do you miss the days when you could be recklessly and madly in love?  

Or, maybe you have never experienced that with a certain someone but long to. This is the spell for you then.

Make your lover yearn for you and only you!  Passion is what ignites our hearts, and having our hearts on fire will keep our love alive!  Also, why not do something to make sure you have great sex!

This powerful spell will increase and intensify your desire for each other.  Ensure that your lover will not need to look elsewhere… keep your lover in your bed and yours alone with this Sex and Passion Spell. Instead of watching the passion fade, why not give it a huge boost?

  • This spell uses the Power of Kundalini Energy
  • This spell also combines ancient techniques with modern telepathy
  • Watch your lovers desire for you spike and feel your desire for that person like a wildfire

NOTE:  With all of our spells, once you have placed your order, you will be directed to a page where you can provide us with the information we will need to cast your spells. 

Cast Spell 2x (optional)

Cast Spell Twice – Add $9.95

Cast Spell 3X (optional)

Cast Spell Three Times – Add $19.95

Ultimate Upgrade: Cast Spell Every Day for a Week!

Cast Your Spell Every Single Day for an Entire Week (optional upgrade)

Add Attraction Spell for Extra Power (optional upgrade)

Add Attraction Spell for Extra Power – Add $19.95

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